One2One Mentoring - What are the Benefits?

SMPS Colorado’s One2One Mentor-Protégé program is now open for applications!  Find out how being a part of an official mentor-mentee relationship can benefit you personally and professionally.

 What are the Benefits of the (SMPS) Mentoring Program?

Mentoring programs facilitate personal and professional growth by providing guidance, support, and knowledge transfer. These programs are symbiotic, one-to-one relationships that allow individuals to learn from each other and transfer skills and knowledge. Impactful mentoring programs train mentors and mentees on how to have productive discussions and meetings, providing them with career development tools and resources to accomplish their goals.

 What is the purpose of mentoring programs?

Formal mentoring programs, such as the SMPS One2One Mentoring Program, offer a structured, systematic, and strategic approach to mentoring. They help drive personal and professional development, support organizational objectives, and foster an inclusive workplace culture of growth and learning. Through monthly in-person meetings, protégés engage in discussions and exercises with a panel of distinguished speakers and mentors. This approach enables people to reach their full potential, unlocking productivity, creativity, and impactful returns for the business.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

Being a mentee offers plenty of benefits, such as access to knowledge, experience, and support that can significantly enhance your employee journey and personal life in the following ways:

  • Gain Support and Knowledge: Impactful mentors offer mentees advice, wisdom, encouragement, new skills, and institutional knowledge.
  • Develop Leadership Skills: Feedback and guidance from mentors can improve workplace performance.
  • Boost Confidence and Problem-Solving Abilities: Mentoring can increase your network, lead to promotions, and increase job satisfaction.

Being a mentee provides an opportunity for growth and development that can lead to a more prosperous and fulfilling future.

 “The One2One Mentorship Program was incredibly valuable to me. It completely changed the way I approach my job and helped me align my vision for my future career. I made a life-long connection with my mentor, and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with and everyone else in the program.” - Hannah Hargrove | Marketing Coordinator | Shaw Construction

Benefits of Being a Mentor

Being a mentor offers a wide range of benefits, both personally and professionally. Here are some advantages:

  • Develop and Refine Skills: Mentors will learn to be organized, share information clearly, and guide mentees to grow personally and professionally.
  • Give Back: The act of giving back and making a positive impact on someone’s life can be exceptionally fulfilling and rewarding.
  • Staying Up To Date: The knowledge-sharing in this relationship goes two ways. Mentors learn about the concerns and priorities of younger staff and may get a hands-on look at new technology or ways of operating.

 To find out more about the One2One Program and apply, visit:

 “The One2One program is another great way to connect and grow with SMPS, regardless if you are the mentor or the mentee.” - Jennifer van Vleet, VP Marketing & Communications, Global | Stantec

Mentoring programs can improve mentors' and mentees' personal and professional lives, making them a valuable investment for individuals and organizations. They play a role in knowledge transfer, career advancement, and fostering human connections.

“Join this group, you will not be sorry. SMPS One2One Mentorship was not only career-altering but life-altering for me. As someone who has never had the chance to have a mentor before this program meant the world to me. This program showed me not only what amazing people are in the AEC industry but also catapulted my personal growth in a way I couldn't have imagined.” - Crystal Gooch

By Elisabeth Godfrey, Kiewit


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