List of Links: Spring 2023

Update Your Resume 
Singer/songwriter Stacy Chaney talks about the parody song that is music to the AEC Marketer's soul! Stacy cleverly created Update Your Resume Pronto to the tune of We Don't Talk About Bruno and takes this creative approach to her work as an A/E/C marketer.  
How A/E/C Clients use Websites to Find and Vet Services Providers
This is a link to a study published by the SMPS Foundation in 2017 about how A/E/C Clients use websites to find and vet services providers. 
Busting Boilerplate Proposals with Jen McGovern
This former SMPS Chapter President goes into what makes a boring boilerplate proposal go from compliant to compelling. They dig into win themes, go/no-go discussions, and so much more! 
Calendly is a scheduling tool to help you organize and manage your work schedule. You can create simple rules and add your availability preferences in the tool. By sharing the link of your schedule, you can let people know when you’re available so they can book a meeting with you while considering your prior engagements. 
Quillbot is an AI-powered online paraphrasing tool. It helps you rewrite and enhance your sentences in different forms. You can also choose from Standard or Flow mode and get it integrated into Chrome or Microsoft Word for a smoother workflow.

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