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One2One Mentoring - What are the Benefits?

SMPS Colorado’s One2One Mentor-Protégé program is now open for applications!  Find out how being a part of an official mentor-mentee relationship can benefit you personally and professionally.

 What are the Benefits of the (SMPS) Mentoring Program?

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On the Humble Icebreaker

Do you run meetings where getting people to engage feels like pulling teeth? I know I do. I also know of an ancient facilitation technique that helps to break the ice, and make things a little more alive.

Yes, icebreakers can feel a little silly—and they are no silver bullet for the many challenges of running a great meeting—but I would argue that they are still an essential facilitation tool. What can icebreakers do?

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Your One-Stop AI Resource: An Exploration of FutureTools

In the dynamic AEC industry, we're continually on the hunt for innovative strategies and tools that will give us a competitive edge in digital marketing. One of the key challenges I've faced has been sourcing a platform that consolidates all the AI tools available, especially those I may be unaware of. Today, I'm thrilled to share a resource that I've been using for a while, one that maintains a current, comprehensive list of all AI tools

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