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MySMPS Relaunch

SMPS offers many resources to support its members in building their businesses and advancing their careers; one of those is the mySMPS website platform. This was recently relaunched and offers many helpful tools including the three below.
Communities & Discussion Posts - An online forum open to all members with various groups to join and engage in conversation. Groups include a CPSM exclusive, Adobe Creative(ity), Business Development Community, and the newest one: AI in Marketing.
Directory - Looking for an SMPS member at an Architecture firm of 500+ people in Florida to help you with market research? This is the place for you! Be sure to update your profile as well with your most current information.
Marketing Resources Center - An online library with a variety of helpful resources including marketing plan templates, proposal examples, Marketer Magazine digital versions along with other various reports & articles.

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HQ Resources Highlight: Fall 2022

When you become a member of SMPS Colorado, you get two separate logins – one for SMPS Colorado and the other for SMPS National. When I began my membership in 2017, I was very new to the industry and my role while working as a sole marketer. I took the opportunity to search MySMPS and for any resources that could help me succeed in my new role. 

Whether the Community Boards, Directory, or the Education Webinars, there is so much to go through and take advantage of. One resource from SMPS National that I found the most helpful, even now after five years, is the Bookstore ( The Bookstore contains various publications including some well-known, popular ones such as the Marketer magazine, Blueprints, and Markendium, as well as lesser-known publications like the A/E/C Marketing Fundamentals, Domains of Practice, and Marketer Must-Reads e-books. Some of the publications are available at no cost to current members while others must be paid for in order to receive via mail or digital copies.

The most recent (free) publication that I downloaded was the Marketer Must-Read e-book: Digital Marketing. The e-book is a great option for Marketing and BD professionals looking to up their game in the digital world. It has tips galore provided by other professionals in the industry.